What We Do

ATR Corinth Partners owns, manages and develops commercial real estate properties, primarily in the Midsouth and Eastern parts of the country. Property sizes range widely and are dependent upon where we see the opportunity to maximize value to the surrounding community and exceed stakeholder expectations.

Primary Focus & Strategy

We are first and foremost developers, and we achieve our investment objectives by focusing primarily on retail properties, or retail properties with a mixed-use component, that are appropriate for value-added redevelopment. When a potential investment property is identified, our experienced team, both inside and outside our Partnership (click on “Team” above for details), carries out extensive due diligence to determine whether we the project is right for us. The team’s skill and expertise in the legal, financial, regulatory, risk management, property management and retail market arenas is applied to the many analyses that are a part of this due diligence, including analysis of the overall market, demographics, the site and environmental impacts – ensuring that we know what we are buying and how we can maximize stakeholder value.

As we redevelop our properties, we bring unutilized or under-utilized space as close as possible to its highest and best use. Redevelopment for us means that we re-purpose, reconfigure, renovate and/ or re-tenant our properties – sometimes “de-malling” them where this is appropriate or desirable. This type of vision-driven redevelopment, coupled with tighter, cost-controlled management of the properties, allows us to enhance the community and improve the value of the subject property. Our investment in Nashville’s One Hundred Oaks Plaza (click on “Properties” above for a brief description) is a good example of ATR Corinth Partners’ core type of retail redevelopment project.

Secondary/ Ancillary Activities and Resources

While our main focus is on adaptive re-use of under-utilized retail properties, our extensive knowledge of and contacts in the commercial real estate world inevitably make us aware of other attractive CRE investment opportunities that, while also in the retail sector, may be outside of our narrow focus on redevelopment. When we opt to invest in such properties, which are typically more stabilized properties that produce above-market NOI with below-market risk (or properties where we see strong potential for increasing value via tenant/ revenue enhancement), we do so to provide some diversification and balance to our partnership’s portfolio and because we are opportunistically pursuing a transaction with above-average risk-adjusted returns, both during the hold period and upon resale. Our investment in Dallas’ Glen Lakes property (click on “Properties” for a brief description) is an example of our occasional, opportunistic ventures outside of pure development.

In both our core development/ redevelopment projects and our secondary, opportunistic investments, we add value by leveraging our three partners’ roughly 100 years of combined experience and knowledge in the key disciplines of retail commercial real estate investing: location selection, construction, property acquisition, financial structuring, investment portfolio diversification, retail operations, asset management, leasing and property management. Our capabilities and resources that support our development activities are especially strong in these four areas:

  • Property Management: With experienced internal staff dedicated to this critical task, tenant service and problem resolution, timely flow of rent revenue and overall maintenance of our managed properties is assured. For a list of properties (with floor plans) that we currently manage, click here.
  • Construction: Having built and renovated over 4 million square feet of space for numerous developments over the years, we know which contractors, subcontractors and suppliers can be relied upon to do the quality work that we insist on, and to do it on a timely basis. And we know the importance of sound planning, hands-on oversight and adherence to both budget and timetable.
  • Leasing: With highly-experienced internal and external resources available to us in this crucial aspect of commercial real estate investing, and attention to leasing from the onset of any of our projects, we ensure that the services, amenities, improvements, terms and other lease features necessary to attract and retain quality tenants are available.
  • Asset Management: Whether it is a question of executing major or minor renovations or reconfigurations on a property, increasing its occupancy, altering its tenant mix, improving ingress/ egress, modifying parking layout, or making other large or small changes to the property’s structures and grounds, ATR Corinth Partners has the knowledge, experience and imagination to do what is necessary to optimize the performance of the properties it owns and operates.

In addition to these in-house capabilities, our experienced team, both inside and outside our Partnership (click on “Team” above for details), has the specialized knowledge and competencies required to perform the critical due diligence that must precede the acquisition of any property. Applying special understanding and professional skill in the legal, financial, regulatory, risk management and retail arenas to various analyses (of, for example, the overall retail market, demographics, the site and environmental impacts) of potential property investments, our team is able to ensure that we and our co-investors thoroughly understand the properties we are acquiring before we acquire them. This allows us to design plans and budgets for our projects that fully exploit the upside potential of the properties while guarding against any downside risk – an approach that is especially important in the redevelopment, value-add investment properties that are at the center of our business.

Business Philosophy

Our Partnership strives to be disciplined, open and entrepreneurial, believing that these qualities give us a competitive edge in real estate investing. We seek similar qualities in our co-investors, with whom it is our goal to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust, knowledge, alignment of interests and transparency.



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